How Much Muscle Can You Gain in a Month?

How Much Muscle Can You Gain in a Month? Exercising is a way of life. It’s a lifestyle. The people out there who only exercise because they want to get fitter and healthier are people with a certain zest in their life. Then there are people who exercise purely because they want to compete and want to build up muscles. Either way, it doesn’t matter because all of these reasons are valid.

The fact is that excising means that you are able to make muscles that will not help change the appearance that you have but also help change the way you feel about yourself and your health. These are all the factors that create a big change in you when you exercise.

How Do You Get the Proper Muscle Gain?

Most people who exercise want to get up on that measuring scale and see if there has been any gain in muscle definition. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t happen that fast. No matter what you do, your muscles will not appear overnight or within a few days. You will need to do a lot more exercises to get to that point. So, take some time and recollect your thoughts.

According to experts any muscle definition that you may see after the exercise are most definitely not muscles but most definitely the depletion of excess water retention that you stored in your body. Building up muscles takes months, if not years.

The question is, within one entire month, how much of the muscle can you gain and what would be the speed at which you get the muscle. This is all dependent on the times you work out and how consistent you are.

Muscle Gaining in One Month

What are the techniques and what are the different ways in which you can gain muscle in a month? Though for a lot of people, it may seem easy, for some it could just be very difficult.

Muscle Can You Gain in a Month?

Other than the apparent change, the actual change happens months later. What matters is the age, gender and diet along with exercise. All of these things combined can help make it look good and help make it look effortless.

On an average man within a month, the muscle build-up can be 0.25 to 0.5 pounds a week. This basically means that in a month, you can gain 1 to 2 pounds easily. An average built man can gain around 40 to 50 pounds of muscle in his entire lifetime. This is further proof with the right diet and right exercise you can build up all this easily and gradually.

3 Simple Ways to Gain Muscle

There are different ways that will help gain an approximate amount of muscle. Here are just a few ways that you can build muscles.

1.   Watching Your Diet

Food matters a lot when trying to gain muscles in the body. By eating healthy protein-rich food, you will provide nutrition to your body. From making sure you are eating healthy to eating food that is high in protein is something that needs to be a priority. Making sure that you are being provided with sufficient nutrition to guide you on a healthy path.

2.   Gender

Though gender may not be so much of a hindrance in muscle build-up, it is necessary to point out that men automatically have more muscle than women. In statistical terms, women have 2/3 of the muscle that men do.

Another big factor in muscle build-up is the fact that men have more testosterone and thus have more muscle. Testosterone is the main hormone that helps in muscle build-up. Women tend to have lower levels of this hormone so it takes longer for them to build those muscles.

That being said, muscles gained in a month are close to nothing. They take their time and you need to put a constant effort into making them observable and noticeable.

How Can You Create and Build Muscle?

Muscle gaining is done in steps. Below are just a few simple things that you need to look out for when going for a muscle definition.  

Benching at the Gym

By being in the gym you will need to focus on lifting and benching heavy weights to gain the muscle mass. This will help in the muscle gain in your body over all in month. In a safe and secure amount, lifting weights will be the best way to go.

Squats Plus Deadlifts

squats and deadlift

They are the best exercise in terms of muscle gain. Squats alone can be very beneficial but if you are dead lifting while doing squats, you will start getting muscles. This is the healthiest way to get your body to feel fresh and ready for exercise.

Eat Right

Eating healthy and eating nutritious food is really important. If you don’t focus on what you eat then the muscle won’t get formed. Eating right, eating healthy and eating nutritious food will help keep you lean, fit and healthy. When you are healthy and energetic, along with exercising every day, you will be able to have muscles you have aimed for.

With these healthy ways, you will be able to build some sort of muscle within a month. This muscle formation could be motivation enough for you to continue exercising and working hard. Because by working hard and consistently you will get what you have dreamed of: a muscular outlook that makes you happy.

Lastly, the focus is on all the things combined. Only diet will not create the perfect muscle mass and neither will just exercise. What you will need is to combine them and then consistently follow through with them. For that, you will need to hire a trainer who knows what is right for you and your body type. Find a trainer who is going to look out for you and make sure that you achieve your goal. After all, this is your body and you have the right to look the way you want to.

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