How Many Exercises Per Workout?

Workouts are the most essential part of staying fit and healthy. Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy. This is why they try to achieve the maximum results from their daily workout routine. But, sometimes they overdo their efforts. People think that the more exercise they will do in their workout, the quicker result it will provide. But this is not the case. You do not need to exhaust and exert yourself during your workout sessions. All you need is some smart thinking and planning. Incorporating the right quantity of exercises in your workout routine will provide just as same result.

The answer to the question of how many exercises per workout is a tough one. It depends on many factors and the goals that you are trying to achieve.

How Many Exercises Per Workout Session Should You Do?

Just keep in mind that you do not need to exhaust and exert yourself while trying to achieve your goals and objectives of having a perfect body. The most suitable limit of exercises per session should be up to 4 exercises only. How you create a combination of these exercises is what matters the most. You need to create the best combination that will give you the desired results.

Your main focus while selecting the combination of exercises should be in the following areas.

  • The ratio of compound to isolation exercises should be 80 to 20
  • Repeat each exercise fifteen times during your session
  • Do some heavy weight lifting to fatigue your muscles
  • Focus on every muscle group two times a week

How To Select The Best Exercises For Your Workout Session?

While selecting the exercises for your daily workout sessions, you should focus on the six basic patterns. If you focus on them, every single muscle in your body will be involved during the workout sessions. You need to select up to four exercises that cover all these basic patterns for your workout session. These basic patterns are listed as follows.

How Many Exercises Per Workout?
  • Vertical Pull
  • Vertical Push
  • Horizontal Pull
  • Horizontal Push
  • Knee Dominant Exercise
  • Hip Dominant Exercise

Apart from this, your goal of the workout will also play a huge role in deciding how many exercises you should include in your routine.

What Is Your Goal?

To answer the question of how many exercises per workout, you should first determine the objective of your workout sessions. What you are trying to achieve will play a huge role in deciding the number that you need to incorporate in your daily workout routine. Let’s check out some common goals that people try to achieve from their workout sessions.

To Build Muscles

One of the most common reasons for people to get involved in a workout is to build their body muscles. So, if you are also among the people who want to develop their body muscles by working out, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. Your main goal should be to build muscle hypertrophy.

workout exercise

To achieve this, you need to put much pressure on your muscle areas. This can be achieved by incorporating push pull legs in your workout routine. Up to fifteen sets of this exercise daily focusing on different parts is more than enough. It is the most efficient way of gaining body muscles and you do not need to overexert your body by adding more complicated exercises to your workout plan.

To Tone Up Your Body

Many people also do daily workout to tone up their body to stay fit and healthy. Getting involved in exercises that tone up your body is a great way to stay in shape and improving your looks. Improved physique and looks will also help you gain more self-confidence. But, the type of exercises involved in toning up your body is completely different from that of building muscles. Since you are trying to achieve different objectives here, the type of exercises would also be different.

Thus, instead of targeting muscles, you need to change your workout game. You can achieve this by getting yourself involved in big lifts. The more compound the lifts are, the better it would be for toning up your body in the right way. So, if you want to tone up your body, you should include fifteen sets of different compound lifts focusing on different body parts in your daily workout routine. Just keep in mind that you need to focus on one major body part daily. Do not go for all the body parts in one day.

To Stay Fit

Who doesn’t want to stay fit and healthy? Many people work out daily just to stay fit and maintain their bodies. They do not want to achieve any specific objective but maintain their body only. But even though staying fit and healthy seems much easier from far, it is the most complicated thing to achieve. Now you can make things a lot easier by keeping things straight and simple instead of getting yourself involved in a lot more complicated exercises.

Stay Fit Exercises Per Workout

You just need to incorporate a perfect balance between cardio and strength training in your workout routine. Since you are not working out to achieve any specific objective, you can even try different combinations of workouts such as going for walks on some days and hitting the full-body workout in which you can add up to ten different sets of exercises. You can even include strength cardio sometimes in your workout routine as well. Just do not exceed the prescribed limit of exercises.

To Lose Weight

Trying to get rid of the extra few pounds that are too stubborn to leave your body? Well, the correct exercise is the best way to achieve this goal. Whether you want to prevent your body from gaining weight in the future or want to lose some extra weight, you can now achieve it with the right amount of exercise. The more calories you burn through the right type of exercise, the more quickly will you lose weight.

So, what are some of the best exercises that you should incorporate in your daily workout routine to lose weight? There is a great variety of exercises available for you to choose from. Some of them are cardio, weight training, pilates, and yoga. Just remember that you should only limit these exercises to four exercises per session. You can select the combination that works best for you.

Why Should You Not Do More Than 3 to 4 Exercises Per Workout?

Focusing on only 3 to 4 exercises per session is crucial. In this way, you can focus on the areas that actually require your full attention. By trying to do more than you can chew can result in one of the following things.

Waste of Time

There are only a few exercises that need to be done during one workout session. These can be covered in three to four exercises. If you decide to do more than the required amount of exercises, you are only wasting your time because these exercises are literally not required. You can utilize this time somewhere useful and productive. This is why you should only focus on the basic three to four exercises that you need the most.

Your Workout Session Becomes Too Long

A long workout session might seem attractive in the beginning but as time passes, you will get bored of it and try to avoid it. So, why not do smart work and keep your workout sessions shorter from the beginning only? A shorter workout session will not only keep you motivated, but it is effective in the long run as well. When your workout sessions are smaller and shorter, you will be encouraged to keep working out daily. Long sessions will only wear you off, and you might drop it completely in the future.

You Will Become Tired

If done properly, even three to four sets of exercises can wear you off completely. You will not have extra energy to include further exercises in your workout routine. Therefore, it is wiser to keep the exercises as less as possible from the beginning. In this way, you will be able to focus on your core goal with maximum attention and achieve it in the shortest time possible. What else do you want?

You Will Strain Your Muscles

While biting off more than you can chew, you may exert yourself so much that your muscles gel pulled or strained. So, the exact opposite of staying fit and healthy can happen. This is why you should not try to do more than three to four exercises per session. If done correctly, even these exercises will serve the purpose. While exercise is important to keep you fit and healthy, there must be some ground rules and precautions that need to be applied while doing it. Not doing so may even harm you instead of benefiting from it. Selecting the right number of exercises per workout is also one of the things that should be given due consideration as exhausting and overexerting yourself will not lead you anywhere.

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