How Many Days A Week Should I Work Out To Build Muscle?

How Many Days A Week Should I Work Out To Build Muscle? At the time of starting out exercising, body building can seem like an exceptionally daunting task. Many give up on their fitness journeys only 2 or 3 weeks into it because they feel as if they are not getting any results and that their effort is going to waste.

Firstly, know that it will take your body a certain amount of time to get to your ultimate desired goals. Your body is going to be changing even if you simply do a workout routine that consists of working out in any way for one day per week but those changes are so small that they might not be noticeable.

After the passing of two or three weeks, you should be able to notice slight visible difference as well but that not be enough to keep you motivated to keep going.

It is important in situations such as this where you need to be patient with the progress. You might not see any big results in short period because human bodies takes time accustomed to the exercising.

Work out To Build Muscle?

Once your body is accustomed, you will start seeing growth in your physical appearance & will make you will good.

Such is the journey of reaping the benefits of exercise. Second most important mistake which leads to losing of will power. Most of the people don’t do appropriate research and follow advice of other and end up losing hope. Do appropriate research about your body and work along.

This is why we have dedicated not just one, but several articles to different themes of knowledge that should be known to anyone who wants to become a body builder.

In this article, we will talk about the most commonly raised question regarding working out. How many days a week is one supposed to work out in order to efficiently build muscle?

How To Efficiently Build Muscle

Before we get to tackling exactly how many days a week you should work out to build muscle, let’s talk about a few key ingredients to employ in your workout routine so as to get the optimal benefits from your workouts from the get go.

Research suggests that the way to improve the efficiency of building muscle lies in increasing the volume of the workouts you are doing.

Increasing the volume of the workouts you’re doing means to increase the number of exercises, repetitions and sets you employ in each workout.

This also means that aside from asking the important question of how many days in a week you should work out, the question of how many repetitions to do in one week is also of a similar if not higher level of importance.

How To Efficiently Build Muscle

For example, to increase the workout volume to an amount sufficient to efficiently build muscles, it is suggested to target your larger muscle groups such as the quads with repetitions between 90 to 120 repetitions. In the same way smaller groups of muscles are suggested to be repeated in any number between 50 to 70 repetitions.

The amount of weight you use in your workouts also has a bearing in the amount of repetitions you do. The higher the level of weight is the lesser repetition amount you can employ in your workout routine and similarly, the lower the level of weight is, the higher the repetition amount should be in your workout routine.

How Many Days A Week Should One Work Out To Build Muscle

Finally, we will talk about how many days it is said for an aspiring body builder to exercise in one week for the end goal of building muscles. We will lay down the set of suggested numbers that one should employ in their workout routines according to whether they are a beginner or of more of an advanced level of body builder. However, this does not mean that you should take this routine to heart in the exact same way.

Every person is differently abled and has different goals, different ideals regarding their end goal of building muscle. So if you want you can start off with the routine that we lay out and then make tweaks in it along the way as you see fit. Increasing the volume of your workout of you feel ready for it or decreasing the volume of your workout if it’s having an adverse effect in any way on your health.

Suggested Number Of Days To Work Out For Beginners

It is suggested that for beginners to start out with, they should be working out for 3 days in one week to build muscle. A suggested schedule of workout can be to do the workout on alternate days, taking rest days in between. If you would like to challenge yourself, you can also incorporate cardio on two of the three rest days. You may also choose to work out for the first three days of the week and rest for the remaining days.

However, former strategy of scheduling is better for many due to the fact that your muscles usually take time to grow.

Suggested Number Of Days To Work Out For Advanced Level Body Builders

Advanced level of body builders are suggested to use split body workouts instead of full body. This just means to divide the workouts according to your lower body and your upper body. The number of days you should work out are 4.

It is recommended to work out in such a way that if,

  • Monday you target your lower body
  • Tuesday you target your upper body,
  • Wednesday take rest and
  • Thursday go back to lower body
  • Friday again with upper body exercise

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