Gain Muscle: How Many Calories Should I Consume?

How Many Calories Should I Eat to Gain Muscle? We all strive hard to lose weight all the time. We make the gym a part of our life and daily routine and set goals to lose weight as soon as possible. Many of us even hire professional nutritionists so that a proper weight loss diet plan is followed.

But what to do when we have to gain muscle? Well, this might sound unusual to most of you but healthily putting on weight is equally essential. You know pretty well that gaining weight is not that challenging. But you need to proceed on with the muscle gaining process strategically. For this as well you need a proper intake of nutrition and ensure the right training. This is because gaining weight also requires calories in the right amount as weight loss does.

But before knowing everything, make sure you hit your gym hard. Start making your mind from now for some intense workouts. There are even times when you think that you are getting training but there is no obvious difference to be noticed. In this case, you can definitely blame the diet plan you follow. Therefore, in this article, we will make sure to help you guide how to gain muscle, and how many calories you should consume.

Do You Have Any Options to Gain Muscle?

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The first and most important option is to make sure you hit the gym. This is because if you are not clear about what you are doing, all your efforts, time and money are going in vain. The training is then of no benefit to you if you don’t know yet what to do and how to do it. That is why initially, it is the best and accurate training that is required. To get the best results it is vital to balance between your calorie intake and training process.

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Make sure you focus to consume calories adequately with proper training. This will help you gain muscle more healthily. You need to create a workout plan for this. The best you can do is hire a trainer if you are a newbie in this. A professional trainer knows how and when to create a workout plan for you considering your weight and overall health. Make sure to balance everything otherwise your diet plan will not work out well for you. Always be particular about what you eat and how much you need to perform your workouts.

Is Eating Important for Muscle Gain?

Is Eating Important for Muscle Gain?

Always remember that your muscles need to repair to grow well. If you are working out hard but not consuming proper nutrients then there is no use of so much effort. This is because after an intense workout your muscles require sufficient nutrients and energy to repair and grow more.

Consider your muscles as bricks and nutrients as mortar. You need to build a wall. But if you lack bricks there is no use of mortar and vice versa. You also need to make sure that the mortar is taking sufficient rest to grow strong and big. This means that the repairing process is extremely vital.

Muscle growth also means to limit the use of your muscles. This is because resting muscles need micro-tears to strengthen and heal the muscles. This can only be ensured once you are eating well and resting adequately. That is why it is emphasized to eat and rest more so that muscle growth is successful.

How Many Calories Should Be Consumed to Gain Muscle?

We are sure you must be wondering about the number of calories you should consume to gain your muscle weight. As you need to make sure that a proper diet plan is being followed, you also need to make sure that you maintain your calories between 250 and 500. Make sure your entire figure is well maintained. But for this, you need to know what actually maintaining a figure means.

Well, maintenance of the figure depends on how much calories are you consuming to perform all your daily activities in a day. This even tells you that consuming a specific amount of calories will help you maintain your body figure, weight, and shape. This process is known as Total Daily Energy Expenditure.

This process varies according to the change in metabolism. This means that consuming few calories will not provide a sufficient amount of energy to perform your daily routine tasks. Hence, it will not even let you increase your muscles.

On the other hand, if you are consuming a lot of calories and not burning them right then you are gaining more fat. All your training is going in vain then. Therefore, if your calorie intake is more then you also need to burn it more. In this way, you will live with a balanced process of gaining muscle.

How to Calculate Total Daily Energy Expenditure?

You can calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure in the following ways:

  • Weigh your weight and convert them into pounds. Multiply your weight by 14. This will give you calorie maintenance that you need to ensure at a lower level. To get a higher level you can multiply the weight by 17. In this way, you will have an idea, and a range to maintain your calories. This range will be according to your body metabolism.
  • You many also trust an online counter of calories. There are different tools for it. You just need to mention some basic information like your gender, age, height, and what are the activities you perform currently. This will give you a more accurate range for maintaining your calories.

There are several other ways to gain muscle. But more specifically you need to make sure that you are following a balanced diet plan. And imbalanced plan can always affect your entire body and health. Take a sufficient amount of carbs, proteins, and fats. Select the right foods for you. Don’t focus on consuming a lot of calories. Make sure you are burning it out well. Set timings for your calorie consumption to gain muscle more healthily.

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